Children's Books

Holly loves how you can develop a character and take them on a journey along with the reader through the pages of a book – the possibilities are endless!

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    Peek-a-Boo Bunny

    Help Bunny find his friends in this gorgeous rhyming hide-and-seek adventure!

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    Hush-a-Bye Bunny

    Hush-a-Bye Bunny is perfect for comforting sleepy little bunnies who don't like being left alone when it's time to turn out the light.

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    Guinea Pig Party

    Ten little guinea pigs have fun at a party, in a beautiful picture book with enormous child-appeal that also makes counting fun.

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    About A Bear

    Life is never dull for this bear – there are butterflies to chase, trees to climb and streams to splash in… and it’s even more fun when friends join in.

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    Silly Jack

    Jack is so silly he doesn't even know what kind of animal he is. He tries to be a cow, a chicken, a dog, and even a goose, but none seems quite right. But, with a little help from his farmyard friends, Jack discovers what he is - a horse, of course.

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    I Miss My Sister

    I MISS MY SISTER is a beautiful and sensitive book dealing with loss. Beautifully written by Sarah Courtauld, it is an ideal aid to help young people learn about and discuss grief.